„Accommodation contract“

Merian Hotel, Wormser Str. 2, 55276 Oppenheim (valid for an oral and written booking)

A room reservation made by the guest and accepted by the accommodation company establishes a contractual relationship between the two parties, the guest accommodation contract. Specifically, he has the following rights and obligations: (Source: Model Contract DEHOGA)

  1. The guest accommodation contract is concluded as soon as the room is booked, this can be done verbally or in writing (by telephone, post or e-mail).
  2. The conclusion of the guest accommodation contract obliges the contracting parties to fulfill the contract, irrespective of the duration of the contract.
  3. The host (landlord) is obliged to pay compensation for non-provision of the room to the guest.
  4. The guest is obligated to pay the agreed or customary price for non-use of the contractual services, minus the expenses saved by the host.

    cancellation policy

    After confirmation of the room reservation by our guests, we have a room ready. In case of cancellation, short-term changes or premature departures, we allow ourselves to pass on the resulting loss to you:
    1 week before arrival 80% of the room rate and the additional services
    2 weeks before arrival 70% of the room price and the additional services
    3 weeks before arrival 50% of the room price and additional services

    For cancellations 4 weeks before arrival there are no cancellation fees.

  5. a. The host is held in good faith to re-allocate unused rooms if possible to avoid breakdowns.
    b Until the room is otherwise assigned, the guest must pay for the duration of the contract the amount calculated in accordance with section 4.
  6. Arrival and departure are valid as a day. The room must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Arrival is until 18 o’clock, otherwise the host may have the opportunity to rent the space elsewhere, unless with the host and the guest, no other written or telephone agreement has been made.